Rejecting Stagnation

i’ll smash your fucking halo


make them drink until it’s dry

even more words

so far from me
the last thought on your mind, but…
still there
images fading like the sand we passed
but asleep against rock

staring out at all posibilities
watched clouds
and waves
and grass

and we knew, but…

so small among trees
the only thing on my mind was…
you there
images blown in sand as we passed
falling asleep against rocks

staring out on orange and blue
watched moves
and feet
and eyes

and we knew…
and we knew, but
i still miss you.
i still miss you.

more words

our eyes have known from the beginning
the pain in this
and we stare-down the moment
and when it fulfills…

we’ll smile with victory
while we’ve danced
around pillars of light

we know our end
and it doesn’t stop us

and it makes you angry

and we keep smiling

and we keep dancing

required eye reading

with all of the lines between…

My Tarot Blog

Hey Dominique, Harold, and anyone else looking at this blog!

I’ve recently started recording some of my Tarot studies on the web, and wanted to share it with you guys. I don’t know how much tarot matters (doesn’t matter?) to y’all, but I hope its at least amusing 🙂


And on a slightly less serious note…

Every few months there is an LOLcat that really gets me. Here’s a recent one:

dis is u

dis is u

Maybe LOLcats don’t belong here, but that’s for you to decide, I guess.



my religion = kindness + science


i’ll see you…


Many art projects are go

Recently I have been doing a lot of artistic based things… A friend of mine showed me a site where someone had used the moleskins to make their art pieces.  I thought about how I needed to try something new so I picked one up and have done a few drawings in it.  I think that If I could get myself out of my artistic rut it could really improve me.  I will upload some of my pictures… I am also going to try to work hard to finish some of my older pieces before I never do it.