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Mindfulness Meditation Research


Kundalini and Schizophrenia

Carl Jung & Tantra

Nifty connections drawn between Jungian analyst/patient and Tantric guru/student relationships, along with some other comparisons. my favorite! But then, everythings my favorite.


I imagine the wall, like a tidal wave looming


blue light

the small big blacknesses spotting the beach

the sand

if its a beach

what if its a desert

with coconuts

for no reason.

is it hard to imagine a why?

i thought we both knew how to play pretend

i guess i’m not as far along as I thought

over a thousand deaths

a thousand trees
and all of their thousand branches
couldn’t tangle your grace…

your black eyes
with your quick step
and your…

the heaven is your only challenge
and god help it
when your eyes meet the sky


at the end of yet another strange year i am grateful for: the symbiosis between meat and animal-eating plants, the logical return to nature through electronic music, and the strange complacency among us all that has been desperately waiting to resolve.

out of curiosity…

… how do you say ” i miss you ” in math?


… light is always identical in its composition, but it falls on a great variety of objects, and by so falling is first revealed to us, not in its own form, for it is formless, but in theirs; in like manner, thought only appears in the objects it classifies.


Do you suppose Kurt Loder was in any more of a black mood than he reported Cobain to be? In that case, who had more courage?

some levity in this