Rejecting Stagnation

Mechanical/DMT/Fractal Elves

So I’ve been reading up on DMT  and was thinking some interesting ideas and thoughts. There have been cases of  shared visions when people take certain drugs together(not DMT, but people do report seeing similar things when taking DMT). Half the people who take DMT report seeing that they make contact with other beings, i.e. fractal elves.

What if there was a shared hallucinogen that any being can attune themselves by taking certain drugs.  Sort of like the Internet of the universe and the only requirement is that aliens/people need to be on a certain hallucinogen in order to access it.  Taking DMT sort of gets you attuned to this Internet where you visit other entities’ reality, they learn about you and you can learn about them.

Think about it, when you talk to someone across the world on the internet, you really have no proof that they exist or not, only that they should because you can talk to them.  If you make contact with an alien race through an hallucinogen how would you know if they exist or not?

Considering how big the universe is, it seems like there’s gotta be some way of communicating that is more universal and easier than actual space travel. Technology is discovered when a civilization is ready to discover that technology, like agriculture, atom bombs, etc. etc.  It seems like a shared hallucinogen that a civilization discovers after a while would be one of those?  After all, even Gene Roddenberry on the last episode of TNG said that the mind is the final frontier.

Don’t know, just throwing this idea around in my head.



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    I’m writing an on-line novella called “The Summer of ’85.” In Chapter 4, one of the characters smokes DMT. Check it out, it’s a fairly realistic portrayal of outdoor DMT intoxication. It’s at

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