Rejecting Stagnation

confusion in excess

Somehow, some new concepts feel as though they have been swirling around me lately.  I have been somewhat stagnant creativly and overly impulsive recently… so quick to occupy my mind that I can’t seem to get anything done… everyone knows those times well I am sure =).  I’ve been improving my accordian skills though!  Once I memorize the first book I will try to make a recording of it to put up here… even though its just Mary had a little lamb and my bonnie…. i think i need to find some more difficult and enjoyable sheet music… im starting to feel that I am partaking in mindless equations of the musical kind which is unnexceptable… I must find a way to dig up epic video game tunes and old school Italian jams.  Still writing mindless words, reading, drawing and staring off into thoughts for the majority of my days… Made another attempt at the paper mache balloon, which was eaten by my roomies doggie friend.  It was interesting how much it bothered her… even when in the end it is just paper, flour and 15 minutes of effort.



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