Rejecting Stagnation

label mache

Today was filled with a lot of internalization. On the philosophical note… I was thinking a lot about objective labeling of situations, and how it seem to be a cause for unnecessary pain. By objective labeling I mean the tendancy of humans to make judgments based on personal experience and to let those affect the way we interact with one another. Like when talking to a person for the first time, how they may tell us that they are artists or writers or aetheists etc. and we get a certain picture of them. Another example is relationships with close friends, lovers, or strangers. The setting of boundaries seems to be catigorical in a way, and many believe that we must legitimize our feelings that we have as romantic love, hate, friendship etc… as though somehow there is some kind of solidity to it. But what is the point of all of these boundaries and labels? In the end they arn’t real, and the only thing that really defines an artist, or a lover, or anything… are simply actions and motives! You can say that you are a musician, but is that what makes you a musician? or is it the act of leading the musical life? You can say that you love someone, but is that really love? Or is it just an attempt to deal with powerful emotions or a lack there of? What would be the reprocussions of letting go of labels and just doing things for the sake of doing them? I guess thats the thing that I am stuck on right now… what do you lose? On the artistic front: I had bought some flour and balloons in hopes to make some round paper mache balls that I could paint and hang from my ceiling, I never got to it in my last place, but i decided to do it today since i had some free time. It was a bit of a challenge and I did it kind of wrong, but it was good for a first try. I’m now going to have to decide what to paint on it when it dries…. any ideas?



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